Evening Drive

Schnebly Hill

Taken at the top of Schnebly Hill near Sedona, AZ.

Two Ends Meet

Earlier this year, a fire swept through Oak Creek Canyon. Amazingly, the trail this photo was taken on was spared much of the damage and only small glimpses remain. This photo spoke to me as it's nature showing the end of two things at the same time. The leaves falling on top of a burnt log. One will return, the other will be reclaimed in time.

Cathedral Rock Sunset

Sunset embraces Cathedral Rock as it reflects in the river below.

Snowy Creek

Snow covers the trees surrounding a small creek bed.


Snow covered landscape of Sedona, AZ.

Peridot Mesa In Bloom

Sunset at Peridot Mesa on the San Carlos Apache reservation.

Desert sunset

Arizona sunsets are awe inspiring and this one lived up to that.

Desert Glass

Sunrise awaits a Chihuly display at Desert Botanical Garden.


4th of July celebration at Tempe Town Lake.

Sedona Sky

Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte frame a beautiful cloudy day in Sedona, Az.

Cathedral Snow