Silver Falls State Park

Coquille Point

Lake Quinault

Steamy Ride

Portland Twilight

Multnomah Falls

Rocky Mountain Sunrise

Evening Drive

Portland Sunset

Tunnel View

Cathedral Snow


Taking flight

Crowfoot Falls

Peridot Mesa In Bloom

Sunset at Peridot Mesa on the San Carlos Apache reservation.


The Watchman

This shot is a great lesson for any photographer. When you're planning to take a sunset shot, commit to it. The skies that make this photo shine didn't appear until the very end. 10 minutes before this shot, you'd find a nice but rather boring image. I'm so glad I stuck with it when others packed up and drove away. Taken at Zion National Park.

Desert sunset

Arizona sunsets are awe inspiring and this one lived up to that.


Snow covered landscape of Sedona, AZ.

Covered up

Golden Gate Bridge partially covered up in fog

Schnebly Hill

Taken at the top of Schnebly Hill near Sedona, AZ.

Snowy Creek

Snow covers the trees surrounding a small creek bed.

Desert Glass

Sunrise awaits a Chihuly display at Desert Botanical Garden.

In the middle of Mill Ave.

Taken at dusk between the north and southbound bridges of Mill Ave. in Tempe, AZ

Breakfast at Zion

Sunrise at Zion National Park.

The Lonely Road

Photographed at Zion National Park.

The Narrows

Entrance to The Narrows at Zion National Park.

Two Ends Meet

Earlier this year, a fire swept through Oak Creek Canyon. Amazingly, the trail this photo was taken on was spared much of the damage and only small glimpses remain. This photo spoke to me as it's nature showing the end of two things at the same time. The leaves falling on top of a burnt log. One will return, the other will be reclaimed in time.

Cathedral Rock Sunset

Sunset embraces Cathedral Rock as it reflects in the river below.

Fun in the sun

Taken at Clearwater Beach, FL.

Coming out

Steam engine of the Skunk Train. Taken at Fort Bragg, CA.


4th of July celebration at Tempe Town Lake.

Sunrise over DC

2015, monument, sunrise, washington dc, washington monument

Reflections of Lincoln

Lincoln Memorial taken during the pre dawn hours.

Sedona Sky

Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte frame a beautiful cloudy day in Sedona, Az.

Whitehorse Falls

Fall colors accent an already beautiful waterfall in Southern Oregon.

Seeking Quiet Solitude

My last morning in Rocky Mountain National Park and it was spent enjoying a beautiful sunrise over the river.

Lithia Park

Stunning fall colors greet visitors to the Japanese Garden at Lithia Park in Ashland, OR.

Clearwater Falls

Clearwater Falls in Southern Oregon is one of several waterfalls in the area.

Morning in the valley

Photographed in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon

Lake Quinault

Lake Quinault, WA during a storm break.

Olympic Stream

Tiny waterfall created by the abundance of rain in the area. Olympic National Park.